Members of the Springer lab work on projects designed to understand the sources of variation in crop plants and to create frameworks for crop improvement. The majority of the research in the Springer lab uses maize as a model system to make discoveries about basic aspects of genetics. The sections below provide an overview of some of the major themes of research in the Springer lab and additional details can be found on the profiles of lab members.
Epigenomic variation in plants
Jaclyn Noshay, Pete Crisp, Sarah N Anderson
Genome-transposon dynamics
Sarah N Anderson, Jaclyn Noshay
Responses to abiotic stress
Tara Enders, Sara Tirado, Susan St. Dennis, Peng Zhou
Integrative genomics in maize
Peng Zhou, Erika Magnusson
Imprinted gene expression in maize
Sarah N Anderson
Gene expression in hybrids and heterosis
Peng Zhou
Structural genomic variation
Sarah N Anderson, Jaclyn Noshay