Peng Zhou

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  • Elucidation of molecular mechanisms underlying crop hybrid vigor using multi-omics approach

  • Data mining on rapidly growing RNA-Sequencing resources for functional gene regulations

  • Elucidation of transcriptional regulatory differences in maize genotypes response to cold and heat stress

  • Integrating RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, DAP-Seq, WGBS and ATAC-Seq to improve transcriptional network construction in maize

  • Identification and characterization of structural variation in plant genome, pan-genome architecture


Responses to abiotic stress

Integrative genomics in maize

Gene expression in hybrids and heterosis


Stable unmethylated DNA demarcates expressed genes and their cis-regulatory space in plant genomes

Meta Gene Regulatory Networks in Maize Highlight Functionally Relevant Regulatory Interactions

Variation and Inheritance of Small RNAs in Maize Inbreds and F1 Hybrids

Monitoring the interplay between transposable element families and DNA methylation in maize

Dynamic patterns of transcript abundance of transposable element families in maize

Transposable elements contribute to dynamic genome content in maize

Dynamic Patterns of Gene Expression Additivity and Regulatory Variation throughout Maize Development